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I was recently discussing my tree planting blog with my roommate. He asked for the URL to which I responded “ibrokeup.net, and look for the tree planting link. oh and you can go to escapeisathand.com if you want to see my pictures or teenagepornography.net for my podcast”. It was at this point that I realized my online identity is scattered, way too scattered.

Change is good and this change means simplicity and easier navigation. Instead of a 4 or 5 different domains, each disconnected from this blog, you can now visit jeremyfcohen.com and be able to access any of my projects. The podcast will remain at teeenagepornography.net but the website now links back to the main blog.

Please feel free to look at my photography portfolio as it has been updated and overhauled.

Lost Tree Planting Film

I found this roll of film the other day and I was at a complete loss as to what could be contained on it. Was it porn? How could it be porn? What would the film lab think if they found porn on this roll of film? Oh god…should I just throw it out and forget it even exists?

Anyways, I got it back and it turned out to be from 2 years ago. I shot one roll of film with my Holga while tree planting and completely forgot it existed.

miles davis

There is nothing better in life, apart from Jazz music and coffee, than finding something long forgotten. In this case, it would be some film from tree planting and a trip to the bike shop with Sean.
These were taken with my favorite 35mm, which sadly broke in Peru.

Gone Plantin’

Another season came and went. This was probably the most unique season I’ve had. It was definitely the season with the most work although I did hate my life a lot less and we all had some really interesting adventures.
This year I tried doing two different things. For one I tried telling a story with my writing. I wanted something funnier and more descriptive, not the “on X we did Y” style of my previous years.
And secondly I wanted to really capture the emotions, people and lifestyle that lends itself to these summers. I took a lot of portraits and tried to have a camera on me(both film cameras) at all times.