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So money…

What a crazy 2 shifts! I cannot even explain or begin to remember half of what went on.
I can telll you though that spring plant is over! I’m in Prince George waiting for my 10pm bus to Banff.

The first of 2 shifts started off with us visiting of huge waterfall lost in the woods. I’ve never seen something so big before. It obviously doesn’t compare to say, victoria falls but since i’ve never been to victoria falls, it blew my mind.

The first shift was actually pretty uneventfull now that I think about it. The block that we got lost trying to find that I wrote about in my last post but sort of sweet. I broke my PB on it! I planted 2105 tree’s. Considering that only 2 or 3 rookies last year broke 2000 tree’s, i’m pretty stoked on it. But tree planting is hardly a satisfying job because my only thought afterwards was, “I could have so gotten 2200!”

We almost got to go on a helicopter! We were told that we could but at the last minute they made us walk in and they sent in all our tree’s and bags with the helicopter. That block turned into such a gongshow. We planted 18 000 tree’s on that day only to find out at the end that we only needed to plant certain coloured area’s but we had started planting the entire block.
We went back two days later without a helicopter and tried finishing it up. Unfortunately 1 bagup in our forman flipped the quad and tore his MCL! And on the third day we tried finishing it our quad fell over a cliff!

The good news about this week was that my good friend Bronson flew in and started working! It’s nice to have a familiar face here but weird to see it in an unfamiliar place.
He broke 1000 tree’s on his third day!

The last two days of this shift were also gong shows! We went to this sweet block and I raced a checker. I did a 330 tree bagup in 45-50minutes! I almost died at the end but it was fun to plant while running and jumping.
Yesterday was intense. We woke up to rain. Driving to our first block we hit a snow storm. We finished out block and went to the first overflow block(when a contract is at it’s end, everyone in sent to an overflow block to plant the rest of the tree’s) during the drive it was sunny outside. Once we got to the block it hailed and then rained for most of the day. It was a painfull day. No one knew what was going on and we all just wanted to go back to camp and eat.
The 2nd overflow was worse but so much fun. The land was creamy and every crew was there. People were jumping each others lines and I raced people and the tree’s were so bad and the density was horrible but we all wanted to go home. By the time we got home it was 10pm.

So now it’s our week off and i’m headed towards Banff. Summer plant looks like it’s going to be hard work but it’s going to be so money!

Hope everyone’s summer is going well and I will update soon!


  1. Christine says:

    Awwww, it’s good to hear you’re doing well and congrats about breaking 2000.
    Tell Bronson I say hello and to stay out of trouble.
    Nathan is playing this Lord of the Rings video game and there are giant, evil treants. This made me think of you, although the difference is that you are planting trees, and you know, they’re not trying to kill you.

  2. Hot Chocolate says:

    I am very, very, very disappointed. Come on Jer, you actually have a blog about tree planting, like you actually talk about planting trees. Where’s the juice? Where’s the steamy romance novel/soap opera-esque tales of lust, romance and betrayal. You’ve got to give the people what they want. And seeing as Ryan Garteig is in the room right now, I’m going to have to get you to stop this Bronson schtick, he knows it’s Raoul….remember 😉
    Anywho, you have been missed and i can’t wait for your grand return, without you, who’s going to be vegan?

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  65. Tuto says:

    Great blog, I am a hunter myelsf and have seen some amazing stuff regarding my stands but I must admit I never had a bear in one. lolGot in my stand early one morning before sunrise, it was a low stand near the water. As the sun came up I noticed I had two huge snakes curled up at my feet. Pushed them off the side with my arrow.Thanks for joining the Blog Farm. I know I will enjoy this one. 🙂

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