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Tree Planting, What a Job…

Hello folks! What a week, what a job.
Sorry for the lack of updates but we ended up in Vanderhoof last week and that town has no internet access.

Where do I start? Well we moved camp again. This time we are closer to Vanderhoof on the Kluskus road. My tent faces a giant meadow with a river flowing the middle of it. So amazing.
Last week was the beginning of the gong show. We had a 14 hour day! 14 hours of non-stop planting. And to make it worse we were planting a giant gully. We didn’t get home till 9:30pm.

We then moved camp in roughly 5 hours and went to Vanderhoof. What a shit town. I normally love small shit towns but this one was beyond me. I think my distaste for it comes from the fact that I ate Oreo’s and Strudels of a day and a half because there was nothing else for me to eat. Although I learnt from that mistake and i’ve started buying soup and veggie dogs for my days off.

All was good and this week started out well enough until about two days ago. We woke up and finished a block that we weren’t able to finish the night before(because it would have been another 9pm night) and I got 150 tree’s into the ground. We then drove to our new block but got lost. On our way we popped a tired. We changed the tired but it was also flat. Jess drove back to camp and came back two hours later with a new tired that didn’t fit. So we all pile into the suburban but we still can’t find the block. Finally at 4:30pm we threw our arms up and spent the rest of the day in camp.
Yesterday went well on the planting side but our truck’s radiator blew, it got a flat, the burb got a flat and the quad’s two front tired went flat.

This is tree planting for you! And it also rained all week.
I wish I could write more but my time is about to expire. I hope all is well and much love to everyone.


  1. Christine says:

    I am so pleased you called and am glad you are having a rewarding time there. I look forward to hearing about it more!

  2. Paul Flude says:

    JEREMY!!!!! I’m back in Toronto now and actually really missing you guys, the gong show that is planting, and all the money i’d be making.. I’m just about to call and accept my architecture acceptance and then figure out where in the world i can do some calculus YAY!!! 😐 You’ve gotta send me all the best pics when you can cause me being me i have none. Say hi to the whole crew too… I’ll take showers for all you guys

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